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All Oralieve® Dry Mouth Relief products contain bioactive ingredients and enzymes which supplement the natural systems in saliva to provide effective and lasting relief. Oralieve® products help promote a healthy, comfortable mouth.

Having a dry mouth may mean your patient’s mouth can be painful when using products containing strong flavours or detergents. Many oral hygiene products contain SLS, which can irritate oral tissues. Oralieve® Dry Mouth Relief products do not contain SLS, alcohol or strong flavours and have been tested and developed with dry mouth sufferers.

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Oralieve® Moisturising Mouth Gel Oralieve® Moisturising Mouth Spray
Oralieve® Moisturising Mouth Gel 50 ml Oralieve® Moisturising Mouth Spray 50 ml


Oralieve® Alcohol-Free Mouthrinse Oralieve® Ultra Mild Toothpaste
Oralieve® Alcohol-free Mouthrinse 300 ml Oralieve® Ultra Mild Toothpaste 75 ml